Good qualities for a job interview

Good qualities for a job interview

The personal impression made at a job interview always overrides the message sent by a written CV. Even if you have good experience and references in writing, you have to compete again in person. This time, our appearance, speaking style, verbal expressiveness, body language, assertiveness and confidence can help you win the company’s trust. Keep the following things in mind to make the best impression. In my career counselling, I often find out how important it is to make a good first impression, and how difficult it is to change it later if it goes wrong.


Arrive on time
It’s best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time. You still need to check in, possibly get on the elevator and most importantly, you need to be able to calm down and freshen up before you go into the interview room. Always check how long the journey takes, how busy the traffic is.

Firm appearance, handshake and smile
If the interviewer is arriving in the meeting room later than you, it is best to stand up on arrival. Your handshake should be a little firm rather than too soft. Have a friendly smile on your face. If you manage to find out the name of the person in advance, you can make a good impression by mentioning their name.

Good body language and eye contact
Try to appear focused and serious with your body language. Try to show sincere enthusiasm with your gestures and sincerity by maintaining eye contact. Speak clearly and confidently.

Interest in the industry, the company, the job, enthusiasm
Show that you know a lot about the company, its products or services and the industry/business.

Keep calm
The job interview is a beta situation and it is natural to be anxious about the outcome. However, it is important to remain calm so that you can remember the things that are most useful to say. In addition, nervousness can make you want to get to the bottom of the situation as soon as possible. If possible, give yourself time to answer all questions thoughtfully.

Dressing appropriately
Your style of dress is a strong part of the impression you make. Visual image is important to people, it really influences first impressions. You can only make a first impression once, so it’s a good idea to dress businesslike, but in the usual style of dress for the industry/business rather than a little over the top rather than under the top. The interviewing manager is likely to be unintentionally concerned about whether your outfit looks good. If you have a job where you will be meeting people from outside the company, they will also consider the impression you will make on external partners. Be smart and pay attention to your accessories. Maximum grooming is important.

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